New Maxus 2

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New Maxus 2

Postby taylor6400 » Wed Nov 17, 2021 9:34 am

Hi all, new to the forum, but not waterfowling. When i started hunting waterfowl in 2004 i was young and hunted hard on the weekends. Scouting pretty much every night of the week and hunting every saturday and sunday and typically some evenings with a core group of about 4 of us. I did this for about 10 years and then family started coming into play and got out of the hard core gig and tagged along a few weekends a year. I bought a Browning Gold back in 04 and it has had cases upon cases of 3.5" steel ran through it. Really without an issue at all even with all the abuse it has taken. I bought a Gold 10 Lite a few years ago and the few times i go lay in a blind i have been taking that. Its a goose thumper but does have its share of feeding issues. This year I started hunting a bit more again. Got in on some wood duck shoots, and some early season goose hunts. I decided i was due for a new shot gun. Top choices on my list was Beretta A400 Extreme plus and Browning Maxus 2. I fondled both locally several times and liked the feel of both. Maxus 2 being new was lacking online reviews. But i kept coming back to the Maxus just feeling better for me. I found a good deal online at Reeds Sporting Goods on the old school bottomland pattern and had to have it. I picked it up at the local FFL dealer saturday afternoon and was in a shelled corn field saturday evening. I had a field not too far from my house i had been watching. Mornings were hit or miss so we didnt try it but was pretty overcast during the day so set up in the early evening. There was 4 flocks coming in and of course they pretty much all came at one time so we only got 1 crack at them. 2 shots and 2 dead geese with the new shotgun with factory Mod tube. Took a hull off the bridge of the nose before i could get my 3rd shot in lol.

I'll keep this updated the more i shoot it. Hoping to get out and shoot some sporting clays with it at some point and see how it runs the light stuff. First impression is very good. It just feels so nice bringing it up for me. I dont know the weight specs but feels quite a bit lighter than my old gold.
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Re: New Maxus 2

Postby don novicki » Sat Nov 20, 2021 3:59 am

Great to hear the report. Hope your nose is ok and you have continued good luck on the honkers. There's nothing like hearing them smack the ground.......
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